Artificial intelligence

Time series forecasting with AutoML

With Automated Machine Learning, neither specialist knowledge nor feature engineering is required to train and execute machine learning models

Data science
Data science

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The latest research in forecasting algorithms off-the-shelf and always up to date


Algorithms are automatically selected, parametrized and tuned for best performance based on your data

Time series algorithms

The platform incorporates advanced global probabilistic neural models for predicting time series

Confidence intervals

Measure and manage the uncertainty and variability of your operations using probabilities

Launches and closures

Inform when products or markets are launched or closed to improve the predictions

Known and unknown variables

Predictions can use data that is known in advance (e.g., prices, footprint, holidays) or unknown (e.g., transactions, NPS, footfall)

Upload data once and go

We use a normalized data model and take care of all joins and aggregations for you, so that you only need to upload data once

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Predictability & forecasting

Why AutoML is Set to Overtake Traditional Artificial Intelligence

AutoML stands for Automated Machine Learning and refers to the process by which artificial intelligence systems are built with limited human intervention.

Ilan Eskinazi

Ilan Eskinazi



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