Get ahead of the market

Singularly's Business Predictability platform helps teams forecast metrics such as demand, sales, returns, traffic, supply, customer contacts and more with AutoML and just a few clicks

Your decisions are as good as your ability to predict upcoming hours, days & months

Having an advanced prediction engine is the foundation to improve your operations

Demand planning

How much inventory, labor and capital do we need to accurately meet demand?

Sourcing & distribution

How many units should we replenish for each store in the next hours?

Sales & customer care

How do we size our customer support force for the next sales event?

Product & merchandising

What product attributes are expected to sell better in each region or store?

Singularly is the prediction engine that enables companies to stay ahead of a fast-moving world

SaaS platform equipped with AutoML, blazing fast analytics and massive data processing
Singularly Platform


Predict the core metrics of your business

Artificial intelligence as a service

The latest research in prediction algorithms out of the box, always up to date and auto tunned for best performance

Max granularity

Get hourly predictions at SKU level. We are built from the ground up to handle billions of rows – you choose how deep you go

Many optimization use cases

Demand planning, assortment, allocation and merchandising, distribution, dynamic pricing, HR planning, etc

Significant P&L impact

Concrete and measurable results in the P&L in both revenue and cost levers across a number of functions

Collaborative planning

Ensure the plan is owned by those who execute

One single plan. Everyone behind it

Let your market and product experts co-create the operational plan, achieving company-wide alignment

Instant analytics

Analyse, aggregate and report the data instantly – no matter how large your data is. No more waiting for BI reports

Made for business teams

Designed for productivity and a spreadsheet-like way of working, so that you can focus on the numbers

Single source of truth

Results fed into your operational processes, analytical models and reports through standard APIs and connectors

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What is business predictability?

Predictability & forecasting

What is Business Predictability, and Why it Can Help you Succeed?

Business predictability is an organization’s ability to predict forthcoming events and adapt its operations to them. It enables great market fit and customer service levels while eliminating waste and inefficiencies. It is also the foundation of the sustainable enterprise.

Joan Vendrell

Joan Vendrell

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