Supply chain

Streamline your supply chain down to the hour

Singularly generates reliable demand & supply signals at hourly resolution to boost the supply chain’s performance

Sourcing & distribution
Sourcing & distribution

In modern retail, once a day isn’t enough

Trends shaping the future of supply chains require a demand forecast that is accurate, SKU-level and updated every hour

Holistic supply chains

Channel boundaries blur. Inventory no longer belongs to the channel, but to the customer who must drive the supply chain decisions

Dynamic allocation

Dynamic trade-offs between availability, delivery time, margin and resilience. Focus on availability is no longer enough

Intraday operations

Faced with changing consumer needs and behaviour, the supply chain must adapt with flexible fulfilment and replenishment cycles


Logistics can achieve exponential reductions of the time it takes for the product to be delivered to the customer

Best of breed tech

Specialized software, algorithms and analytics are necessary to achieve the best performance in every process. One size doesn’t fit all

Singularly for
Supply Chain

Hourly resolution

Demand and supply signals updated every hour to enable intraday operations and the best performance across the supply chain

Enterprise scale

Work at SKU level and max level of detail. Designed to hyperscale, Singularly can handle datasets of billions of rows

Bird’s eye perspective

Move from max granularity to top-level view or viceversa in 1-click and no delays, to never lose sight of the big picture

Productivity first

Designed to make things fast, simple and easy so that you can focus on the numbers

Get the latest insights into supply chain management

Trends in logistics

News & announcements

Trends in logistics with data from the XII Barometer of the Logistical Circle

According to a recent survey of 1,032 Supply Chain and Logistics Directors, automation and data will drive the future of logistics and are leadership’s main focus of attention today.

Joan Vendrell

Joan Vendrell

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