Sales & customer care

Deliver great customer service consistently

Singularly helps you right-size & plan your sales and customer operations to achieve cost savings and superior performance

Sales & customer care
Sales & customer care

In rapidly changing markets, past performance is not the best predictor of future success

Working with reliable predictions can not only reduce costs significantly, but also increase sales and customer satisfaction

Sales forecasting

Have a clear, advanced view on what is coming up based on promotional intensity, market momentum and other variables

Service right-sizing

Get the size and expertise of your personnel right in stores, call centers and sales teams throughout the year

Dynamic allocation

Dynamically allocate your personnel across areas and stores based on predicted demand and opportunity

Promo & peak planning

Understand the effect of promotions and calendar events on sales so that you can plan accordingly

Forward looking control tower

Get controllers and sales operations teams focused on the future rather than the past

Singularly for
Sales & Customer Care

Advanced predictions

Use artificial intelligence to predict demand, sales, inquiries, call center calls and other key metrics of customer service

Deep dive

Analyze demand granularly by area, language, product, channel, day, hour or any other relevant dimension

Bird’s eye perspective

Move from max granularity to top-level view or viceversa in 1-click and no delays, to never lose sight of the big picture

Productivity first

Designed to make things fast, simple and easy so that you can focus on the numbers

Getting started is easy

Start feeding predictions to your operations



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