Product & merchandising

Merchandise your products smartly

Singularly helps product teams plan, source and allocate large product portfolios with the use of artificial intelligence

Product & merchandising
Product & merchandising

How can product teams benefit from artificial intelligence?

Advanced prediction capabilities are key to optimize fastly rotating assortments in retail and consumer goods

Merchandise planning

Have a clear, advanced view on market demand based on promotional intensity, market momentum and other variables

Feature selection

Understand the market's demand for certain features, colours, sizes and variants at granular level


Decide quantities to purchase based on reliable predictions, optimizing availability and reducing leftovers

Assortment planning

Decide which stores will sell each product and the number of items to ship based on a forward looking prediction


Decide when to apply a promotion or reduce a price, with clear tracking of the effect of each action over time

Singularly for
Product & Merchandising

Advanced predictions

Predict future demand for each of your products and stores with artificial intelligence

Enterprise scale

Work at SKU level and max level of detail. Designed to hyperscale, Singularly can handle datasets of billions of rows

Bird’s eye perspective

Move from max granularity to top-level view or viceversa in 1-click and no delays, to never lose sight of the big picture

Productivity first

Designed to make things fast, simple and easy so that you can focus on the numbers

Getting started is easy

Start feeding predictions to your operations



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