Demand planning

The way to plan with artificial intelligence

Singularly brings the latest algorithms, collaboration and productivity to your Sales & Operations planning process

Demand planning
Demand planning

A journey to advanced S&OP planning

While all steps are fundamental, precision at forecasting demand is key, as errors propagate downstream

Demand planning

Use Machine Learning to predict future demand accurately. Execute recurrent learn-predict cycles and evaluate confidence intervals

Supply planning

Quantify resources (inventory, people, suppliers...) to fulfil demand. Identify any capacity constraints. Also known as enterprise resource planning

Collaborative review

Involve business and functional areas to review the plan. Best run on a platform that allows real-time view of changes and full traceability

S&OP meeting

Focus on any relevant discrepancy arisen in the previous stage to have an effective meeting. Keep eyes on the big picture


Have the outputs automatically fed into the key platforms and algorithms to execute on the decisions

Singularly para
S&OP Planning

Always up to date

Latest research in prediction algorithms incorporated to the platform automatically and out-of-the-box

True collaboration

Collaboratively adjust the plan across your product, market and channel hierarchies

Bird’s eye perspective

Instant top-down and bottom-up views to never lose sight of the company’s objectives

Productivity first

Designed to make things fast, simple and easy so that you can focus on the numbers

Getting started is easy

Start feeding predictions to your operations



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