Income statement (P&L)

Income statement (P&L)
Income statement (P&L)
Income statement (P&L)

Enter your revenues, expenses, taxes, wages in the corresponding tables to compute the statement. Get a picture of your company's financial health.

Includes detailed charts of revenue, operational expenses, profitability, and margins.


Tables prefixed with "Type" are used only for creating categories Tables prefixed with "Records" are be filled by user


Income statement uses invoice date while cashflow uses payment date. Last prepaid date and monthly prepaid amount are optional and only used for prepaid expenses


Similar to expenses. Mark revenues earned with invoice date, payment date and relevant classification by function. Customer prepayments labeled via the "last prepaid date" and "monthly prepaid amount" columns.

Non-current assets

Specify purchase and depreciation details


Specified as periods with a gross monthly wage