Data platform

A petabyte-scale data platform under the hood

Designed from the ground up to handle massive amounts of data. You choose how deep to go into the data


Leave the heavy lifting to us

Singularly's data platform is built for running AI models at scale

Billions of rows

The data architecture is designed to scale horizontally and can handle massively large volumes of data

Blazing fast analytics

99% of data analysis are executed with sub-second speeds – no matter how large your data is

Plug'n play

Platform integrates into your enterprise ecosystem with standard data connectors, APIs and CSV files

GPU acceleration

We run your prediction jobs on modern GPU accelerated hardware. As fast as it gets


Workers are dynamically spin up as you need them, allowing to run as many prediction jobs in parallel as needed

Best of breed

Service relies on +10 specialized components to achieve best performance and a seamless user experience



  • Artificial intelligence
  • Data platform