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The power of AI

Artificial intelligence has an unparalleled potential for most companies. But much of this potential remains untapped, since adoption at enterprise scale is fraught with difficulties.
Lengthy technical projects, lack of production readiness, scarce talent and a myriad of engineering tools. AI remains miles away from the business teams who can activate it.
Frustrated with navigating this level of complexity in large companies ourselves, we founded a company to accelerate the adoption of AI in business

Singularly's potential for AI
Singularly's potential for AI

Getting things done

Our principles lie at the very heart of the way we do things, from serving our customers to building new products

For business

We build products for business teams that integrate into corporate workflows, using AI as a means to a business end

In minutes

Speed matters in business, a lot. All our products are usable in hours and take productivity to heart

At scale

Everything we do is built from the ground up to scale. In terms of technology, data, use cases and economics

Science driven

Diving deep into science, tech and business with relentlessly high standards is the only path to true leadership

Measurable results

We create concrete, measurable value for clients in three fronts: financial, social & environmental

Leadership team

Joan Vendrell

Joan Vendrell

Chief Executive Officer

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Victor Garcia

Victor Garcia

Chief Technology Officer

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Ilan Eskinazi

Ilan Eskinazi

Chief Data Scientist

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